Wisconsin Cities Aren’t Waiting for Cannabis Legalization

Wisconsin is a cannabis island in the heart of the Midwest. Surrounded by Minnesota, Michigan and Illinois, all states that have some sort of marijuana legalization, Wisconsin continues to lag a national trend to legalize use of the herb for even medical purposes.


Weighing in on candidates economic policies

I have avoided weighing in on the 2016 Presidential campaign up until now because I thought Republicans would snap out of their unexplainable worship of Donald Trump and that the progressive movement would win out over the status quo of Hillary Clinton. I was wrong on both points. Worship of Trump on the part of … Continue reading Weighing in on candidates economic policies

Tom Barrett’s extortion of St. Marcus

Typically, when Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett opens his mouth, stupid falls out. Case in point – his never-ending idea to create a 2.5-mile trolley using $65 million in federal transportation funds. Or his brilliant idea to create a gun violence hotline when we have a perfectly functional 9-1-1 system. However, Barrett’s latest idea is not … Continue reading Tom Barrett’s extortion of St. Marcus