WI Legislator calls for tuition freeze, UW System president’s resignation

HAN834_nass_200x160Outraged over the recent fiascos within the UW-System (i.e. UW System Surplus and the UW-Milwaukee response to Palermo Pizza protestors), Rep. Steve Nass is calling on the state’s Joint Finance Committee to remove any new funding for the UW System in the 2013-15 biennial budget

Nass (R-Whitewater) is the Chairman of the Assembly Colleges and Universities Committee and he is calling on both the Governor and the Legislature to get serious about addressing the administrative crisis within the UW System.

“I’ve heard from many parents and taxpayers boiling mad about the state’s weak response to the defiant actions of the UW System under the leadership of President Kevin Reilly,” Nass said. “I have concluded nothing will change in the system unless the Governor and Legislature utilize the pursestrings power to compel needed leadership reforms.”

Nass’s solution? A proposal that there be an absolute tuition freeze and no new taxpayer funding for the UW System unless Reilly resigns or is removed by the Board of Regents. He added that Governor Walker’s own appointees to the Board are enabling the incompetence of Reilly and other UW-System administrators.

“President Reilly can no longer be blamed on Jim Doyle. His ability to continue damaging the UW system is now the problem of Governor Walker and his appointees to the Board of Regents,” Nass added.

Nass said his vote on the proposed budget will be determined on how the Joint Finance Committee handles this key factor.


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