The end of education as we know it?

MPS School Board President Michael Bonds shares the bad news - Walker to cut $1 billion from schools and possibly turn away Federal Title 1 dollars.


Bradley Tech: MPS needs to remove the troublemakers

Bradley Tech is a promising school plagued with violent fights. Alderman Bob Donovan is spitting mad that he wasn’t told about it.

Board needs to focus on MPS, not Arizona

The list of problems in the Milwaukee Public Schools – huge cuts in the teaching staff,  some of the lowest academic achievement rates in the nation, decreased state and federal aid – could fill a book. So why is the school board wasting our time and money to issue a resolution boycotting the State of Arizona?Because … Continue reading Board needs to focus on MPS, not Arizona

Keeping teachers in the classroom:The struggle continues

More than 1,000 Milwaukee Public School teachers, teaching assistants and substitute teachers foundpink slips in their mailboxes over the weekend. In response, teachers gathered in protest at the MPS administration building on Vliet Street yesterday evening. It was organized by Amy Mizialko, but she credits the teachers, parents and students who came to the event. … Continue reading Keeping teachers in the classroom:The struggle continues

Why do the students get it?

If everybody had the enthusiasm of the elementary students who founded Rescue our Librarians Club, there would never be another mention of cutting the library services or librarians in our schools or communities. Unfortunately, that enthusiasm isn’t universal. But if these students have their way the status quo will be changing soon. The RLC was started … Continue reading Why do the students get it?