What difference does it make?

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) had the gaul this morning to ask Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to ask why the administration lied to the American people in regards to the motive behind the Bengahzi attacks in Libya last year. He wanted to know why Clinton, UN Ambassador Susan Rice and President Barack Obama went out and for weeks told the country that the attacks were in response to a little seen YouTube video that attacks the Islam religion.

And Clinton in righteous indignation snapped back at the Senator “What difference does it make?” as to why these terrorists attacked the embassy. What difference does it make if they were moved by an obscure movie or if they planned to attack the United States because it was September 11.

Well, Secretary Clinton – the difference goes to motive – and as any first year detective can tell you, motive often will lead you to who did the crime.

Maybe if the administration would admit what the real reason for the attack was – it was 9-11 and there was a symbolic nature to attacking U.S. soil on that day in the Muslim world – we as a nation could more easily find the people who attacked the embassy and who was behind it.

To pass it off as anything but planned terrorism and murder is nothing short of malpractice in office. Maybe its a good thing Clinton is leaving to take a long nap.


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