How’s that gun control thing working out for you?

gun controlChicago has some of the strictest laws on gun purchases and ownership. It also has the highest gun murder rate in the nation, with over 530 murders in 2012.  An average of 1.5 murders a day.  Numerous days where six or more people were gunned down in the streets, many of those being children.

But does the Democrat Party, the left, Barack Obama or anyone seem to care that hundreds of children are gunned down in Chicago?  Is it because most of them are minorities, not cute white children in a bucolic New England setting? Is it because Barry’s BFF Rahm Emmanuel is mayor of the Windy City and can’t be criticized? Or is it because taking notice of 530-plus murders in one year would be an admission that gun control laws don’t work.

And why don’t gun control laws work?  Because criminals don’t follow the law, duh.

President Obama held a presser flanked by children to renew his stance on gun control and to push for legislation banning assault rifles, magazine clips that hold more than seven bullets and increased background checks at gun shows. It was good theater, but will do nothing to reduce the crime in our streets.

Take Chicago as an example. Chicago banned the sale of handguns decades ago, but they flourish on the streets often in the hands of children and being used to kill other children.  Why? Because those who are bent on causing mayhem and committing crime are not going to stop and say – “Wait. Possessing this gun is illegal here. I won’t use this to kill tonight.”

It doesn’t happen and it isn’t going to happen, ever. Common sense tells us that criminals hell bent on breaking one law are not going to be discouraged by another law. Especially when that law is regularly given short shrift even by law enforcement officials when presented with its violation.

Milwaukee County is a fine example of this. Numerous times criminals are arrested for gun crimes or in possession of a gun but in the plea bargain happy world that is John Chisholm’s prosecution office, gun charges are regularly tossed aside to get a defendant to plead out.  No consequences for using the gun so why have the gun law.

The only people who will be criminalized by the enactment of more gun laws and restrictions on magazine size or background checks will be people who are seeking the ownership of guns for protection or recreational use.  Restricting the ownership of guns just makes people more vulnerable to those who won’t follow the laws.

The only way we can reduce gun violence is to reduce and eliminate the culture of death this nation celebrates. Once people on both sides of the issue value life more than things will gun violence, and maybe all violence, will fall.

But until then, you can have my gun when you pry it out of my dead cold hands.


One thought on “How’s that gun control thing working out for you?

  1. The offer senators currently have arranged to develop gun background checks to all Online and
    firearm show gross sales will drive up prices for buyers.

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