Living in the land of King Barry

King BarryHave you ever read Article I of the U.S. Constitution? It bestows upon the Congress, made up the  House of Representatives and the Senate, with the legislative powers in this nation.

Have you ever read Article II of the U.S. Constitution? It bestows upon the President the executive powers of this nation. But in all four of Article II’s sections is there no mention of legislative powers.

So why does President Obama think he can usurp the powers of the Congress and create legislation by executive order that will alter the rights that are shared by all Americans under the Second Amendment? Is it because there was a tragic shooting and renewed cries by some that guns need to be eradicated from the nation?

No, it is because we have a president who drank the Kool-aid of his campaign PR leading him to truly believe he is King Barry. The Constitution to be damned.

As a king, with the swipe of a pen or nod of a head, whims become the law of the land. King Barry doesn’t like the idea that the public has a God-given right to bear arms for whatever reason – to hunt, to protect, to ward off a tyranical government -so he will declare that certain guns will be no more. To quote another tyrannical king, “So it is written, so shall it be.”

But America is not governed by a king – real or imagined. America is governed by laws; laws that are presented, debated and voted on by Congress. The Congress, which is elected by the people to do the legislative work of the nation.

It was a king who let his whims and anger with his subjects that lead to the creation of this great nation. Our founding fathers rebelled against the tyrannical edicts of a king in an effort to be free to govern themselves. That governance included being able to vote for those who would make the laws, a Congress that would be closer to the people and would bring the various viewpoints of this vast nation to the table.

That is why the founding fathers wrote a constitution that included a division of powers; a division that would avoid placing supreme powers in the hands of one person. Instead, it included a check and balance on the executive branch, the legislative branch and judicial. That is truly the American way.




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