Well, I guess individual freedom is dead in the United States as of June 28, 2012. With the United States Supreme Court handing down a 5-4 decision (With Chief Justice Roberts joining the liberal block) upholding the individual mandate that all citizens must purchase health insurance, freedom is dead.

Originally, Obamacare said the payment would be a fine for not purchasing the coverage. But Roberts said no, the payment is actually a tax, which is constitutional under the taxation powers given to Congress by the Constitution.  Obama and the Democrats didn’t want it to be considered a tax since they said there would be no tax increases with the program, but I’m sure they’ll embrace Robert’s language since it gets them what they want – complete control over health care in the country.

I know my liberal friends will drag out that we already are mandated to purchase car insurance (at least in Wisconsin) to have a clean registration and tag; but I am NOT mandated to buy a car which would need the insurance.  I am free to walk, ride a bike or ride the bus in lieu of being a car owner and buying insurance.

However, Obamacare and the individual mandate stomps all over my right of being. I have no say over whether I am here or not (I guess I could commit suicide) and therefore I have no out from Obama’s fine, tax or mandate.

Even as an employee, I have had the right to opt out of my company provided health insurance. I could use it as a bargaining tool for other benefits or higher wages. But now I have to be covered whether I want my company’s insurance, bad or good.

Plus, Obamacare will ultimately mandate exactly what type of insurance coverage I’m paying for. I’m sure it will include coverage for things I don’t want or need (payments for abortions or erectile dysfunction medication) and it will make more paperwork for everyone involved.

Thanks Chief Justice Roberts.  Thanks for giving Congress and future Presidents the right to tax everything in the name of health, social order and “because it is good for me.”

I’m a big girl. I don’t need the government telling me that I need health insurance. I’m smart enough to take care of myself and I believe all freedom loving Americans feel the same.

Maybe I can find a nice island to live on.

Read the entire decision here.