Proof that I voted

This is not an editorial endorsement of any candidate on today’s ballot. I think by now you have had your fill of articles, ads and mailings telling you to vote for this guy or that woman. Hopefully, you’ve read all of the election coverage I provided you on Third Coast Digest or here and that it was helpful in forming your opinion and decision. I think all of you are grown-ups and know what you want in a governor, senator, representative or head dog catcher, so I don’t need to tell you who to vote for.

Instead, this is simply a reminder to vote. Over 234 years ago, the founding fathers began this grand experiment of have a government “for the people and by the people.” We haven’t always included or allowed everyone to take part, but after some tweaks to our constitution, protests and bloodshed, we all have the privilege and opportunity to vote.

Voting is a privilege that millions throughout the world would love to have. In the past decade we have seen Iraqis and Afghanis joyously cast their ballots to choose their leaders, sometimes under the threat of death. The alternative, despots and kings who rule as they want, is something we tossed aside.

Some of you are saying, “voting doesn’t matter;” “my vote doesn’t count;” “politicians will do whatever they want.” I suggest you read Will Durst’s opinion after this.

But if you truly believe in limited government, nationalized health care, increased military action, green energy legislation, pro-life policies, activist judges or high-speed trains, then you need to vote for the candidate that fills the bill.

Cross over on the ballot. In the 27 years I have never voted a straight ticket. There are Republicans that fill the bill on some issues, while I’ve given the nod to the Democrat if they have what I think is the answer facing our nation or state. No one party has all the answers, so give every candidate a look and make your decision on the candidates policies, not what letter follows their name.

But even if you are a dyed in the wool Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green Party member or Socialist don’t waste your birthright, don’t waste the responsibility you owe your fellow citizens and vote.

I’ll even let you know where to vote, by clicking here.

And if none of this has convinced you to go vote today, I’ll use the age old reason given by politicians on all sides of the aisle – do it for the kids.